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View Precinct 3 Traffic Cameras here
Public access to Precinct 3's Traffic Cameras
Yellow Flashing Arrows
Flashing Arrows are getting put up around Precinct 3. Find out more about them.
H-GAC Proposes 1.59 Billion Traffic Fix for South County
Click here for more information regarding Commissioner Noack's thoughts on the matter, and total costs.

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  • Sep

    H-GAC proposes $1.59 billion traffic fix for South County

    “When I sought the office of Commissioner I cited mobility as a major priority and that I would put in place short and long term plans to address the issues. Some of the short term projects are already underway, some will begin engineering soon. The next step will be securing the funding to turn the […]

  • Sep

    Lane Closures on I45 for The Grand Parkway

    I45 Closures the weekend of 9/19 and 9/26 *warning: PDF*

  • Aug

    Regarding West Nile

    Prevention and Control of West Nile 2014 West Nile treatment area map West Nile Press Release 2014 Frequently Asked Questions About Dibrom

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